Naturopathic Direct Care

Membership-Based Medicine

This is Personalized Care.  Holistic.  Comprehensive.  Accessible.  Transparent.  Relaxed Visits.  The Time You Need.  
A Simple, Clear Relationship Between You and Your Doctor - Removing the "Middle Man."  
Together, We, not your health insurance, get to decide what is right for you.

Membership Plans​​

*All memberships are on an annual contract with monthly payments available.

  1. Foundation
    Adults (26+) - $110 / month Young Adults (14-25) - $80 / month Children (0-13) - $50 / month
  2. Flourish
    Adults (26+) - $180 / month Young Adults (14-25) - $130 / month Children (0-13) - $80 / month
  3. Children & Families
    Family of 2 = $5 off / month Family of 3 = $10 off / month Family of 4 = $15 off / month

  • Unlimited visits per year
  • Visits relaxed, as long as needed
  • Electronic visits from your home
  • Access to on-call physician
  • Email communication with physician included
  • In-office medical procedures at cost of materials
  • Wholesale labs & imaging 
  • Preventive and wellness care
  • Acute care appointments - cold, flu, common illness, minor injuries
  • Chronic illness treatment / management
  • ​Specialist consultation and care coordination
  • Hands-on medicine included - craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation
  • 10% off constitutional hydrotherapy sessions & packages
  • Access to complete FullScript™ Online Medicinary, 5% off online medicinary (Supplements, herbs, natural products) and select in-house medicinary products
  • 50% off admission to community classes

  • All services that are offered in the "Foundation" Plan + Additional Services & Values: 

Additional Services & Values Included:

  • Basic annual lab panel (CBC, CMP, Lipids, HbA1C)
  • Access to complete FullScript™ Online Medicinary, 30% off online medicinary (Supplements, herbs, natural products) and select in-house medicinary products
  • 35% off constitutional hydrotherapy sessions & packages 
  • Free admission to community classes
  • Discounts on future webinars, class series, etc. 
  • ​Out-of-town visitor discounts for medical services
Children & Families

Foundation & Flourish Plans are available for adults and children (0-18 years old).   

Sign up & receive $5 off / month for each of your additional family members with either plan, regardless of age.  
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Q:  Do your plans serve as health insurance?  
A:  No.  The plans do not provide comprehensive health insurance coverage.  While Journey Home Healing plans can cover 90% of your healthcare needs, you are always encouraged to have at least catastrophic coverage for high level health interventions, specialists and imaging, should they ever be needed.

Q:  Does my health insurance cover your services?
A:  No.  However, there are companies like Liberty Healthshare who provide medical coverage and will pay a
     portion of your monthly membership fee.  

Q:  I have insurance, shouldnt I be able to use it?
A:  What are you receiving for your health insurance covereage?  What is the quality of care like from your "in-network" providers?  How much is your deductible?  How much care and coverage do you actually receive?  Health insurance was never meant to cover primary / general care needs.  Consider auto insurance for a moment... does your auto insurance cover oil changes or gas?  No.  It is there in case anything catastrophic occurs.  The maintenance is up to you.  What kind of maintenance do you want to receive in order to prevent "break downs" later on in life?

Q:  Can I pay for an entire year at once?
A:  Yes.  If you pay in advance for an entire year, we will place the funds in a trust account and we will debit the monthly dues each month.  You can also simply pay monthly.

Q:  Does Naturopathic Direct Care meet the requirements for the Affordable Care Act (ACA; Obamacare)?
A:  No.  You need to have ancillary insurance that meets the requirements for minimum essential coverage.

Q:  Is there regulation regarding Direct Care practices?
A:  Yes.  The presence of laws and there contents vary by state.  The state of Washington has simple and effective law in place.  Direct Care practices are governed by Chapter 48.150 RCW

Q:  Doesn't a "membership practice" seem impersonal, or even elitist?
A:  Having a membership to a medical practice creates a sense of belonging to community, much like membership to a gym, or yoga studio.  My experience working in a membership-based practice is that it can create a sense of ownershsip and belonging, as well as creating accessibility and ease to seeing your doctor, which feels very warm and personal.  The cost of an annual membership is very likely less than your health insurance deductible for the entire year.  Direct care is designed to create accessibility for everyone.