What I Do

  1. Nutrition
    Guidance for the optimal nutrition that your body needs, therapeutic diets crafted with your care in mind, providing creative solutions and sustainability within that process.
  2. Herbal Medicine
    Individualized formulating of herbal tinctures, flower essences and teas for physical, mental and emotional support. MMJ authorizations.
  3. Homeopathy
    One of the most holistic and personalized medicinal practices employed throughout the world. By looking at the uniqueness of you, homeopathy acts to support your vitality and your body's innate ability to heal.
  4. Hands on Therapy
    This include craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage.
  5. Vitamin & Supplement Support
    Using specific medicines to optimize body functions, replete nutrient deficiencies, and support the body's natural healing mechanisms. Utilizing labs and physical exam to discern what your body needs.
  6. Hydrotherapy
    Utilizing the healing properties that water holds. Offering many therapeutics involving water, including constitutional hydrotherapy. Stimulating vitality, facilitating healing, nature cure.
  7. Movement / Lifestyle Wellness
    Help to integrate practices of a healthy lifestyle, including movement, exercise, contemplative practices. Having a medical expert work with you towards your goals, motivation, obstacles, and leaving shame and blame at the door.
  8. Counseling
    Allows the individual to tell their unique story and come to a deeper understanding of what may be truly underlying their illness. Can help identify old habits, highlight new perspectives, break free of negative addictions or behaviors.
  9. Mind-Body Medicine
    This includes a combination of mindfulness-based practices, yoga, biofeedback, somatic medicine, counseling, and more.
  10. Vitalistic Health Care
    Receive holistic health care & support, while your doctor keeps your body's innate ability to heal and overcome illness, supporting you and your vitality in the process. All age groups welcome.
  11. Lab Testing
    Conventional labs & imaging, comprehensive & eclectic / private lab testing
  12. Women's Health
    Honoring and supporting women through all stages and rites of passage in their lives - menstruation, fertility, menopause - empowering women to reclaim their power through their bodies.
Providing naturopathic care, from anywhere...
Now serving the Seattle area,  Elko, NV & beyond...
She is currently practicing and accepting new patients 
in Bothell, WA at - 
12900 NE 180th St #100, Bothell, WA 98011

Her Elko, NV practice includes trips to Elko on a quarterly basis in order to provide
face to face care with her clients, while providing follow up care and unconditional
support over electronic visits on the phone or in her "virtual office."

​Dr. Sarah Sue has chosen not to contract with health insurance for a plethora
of reasons.   She provides cash-based prices for her services to her patients,
as well as discounts to certain populations specified below.

She does provide paperwork (super bills) to patients to submit to their health
insurance for reimbursement for visits.  

Inquire with your health insurance entity to learn if they provide "out of network"
covererage for you.  Every health insurance entity varies.
Complimentary Introductory Consultation - Free.  Meet Dr. Sarah Sue, in person or over the phone, to get your questions answered, receive clarifications about services provided - 15 minutes

Fee for medical services - $160 / hour 

First Office Visit - 90 minutes (An important part of that visit & time is establishing the therapeutic relationship, giving you a chance to tell your story and be heard, and get information that I need to navigate your health, & incorporate some "in office" therapeutics right away.)

Return Office Visit - 15-60 minutes (depending on complexity, patient’s goals and therapeutics incorporated in during the visit)

Acute Visits - 15-30 minutes

Hands on Therapy (craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, chakra balancing, nervous system balancing) - 45-60 minutes

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Constitutional Hydrotherapy: You will receive specialized care with this time-old therapy, passed down through the naturopathic lineage, designed to stimulate your body's ability to heal.
This service is performed by your naturopathic doctor with the ability to incorporate a personalized touch to your treatment sessions - variations depending on symptoms picture, gentle hands on therapies, herbal medicine, flower essences, guided visualization, breathing techniques, and more.   Learn more. 

Constitutional Hydrotherapy Session - 60 minutes

1 session - $120

Hydrotherapy Packages (no expiration, though most therapeutic stacked together):
3 sessions (great series for acute illness like cold or flu, pain or acute symptoms) - $330 
5 sessions - $500
7 sessions - $665 
10 sessions - $900 

Discounts & Payments

Discounts of 20% provided for medical services and packages, including:  
- Students
- Veterans
- Seniors (65+)

- Earth Stewards (those working in professions, organization, non-profits to protect and support the earth)

You can use your FSA & HSA accounts to pay for visits.

These are forms to be filled out by ​​​​​all patients, prior to first visit.  Many Thanks.
Adult Intake 
Pediatric, 0-10 years, Intake 
Informed Consent